Community outreach in Nelson

Qualities Needed for VISn (Vaccine Impact Support network) Community Outreach:

1. Effective Communication: Are you able to engage with people clearly and compassionately? We’re looking for individuals who can connect and interact with others, making them feel heard and understood.

2. Activism and Advocacy Experience: Can you remain composed and empathetic when dealing with individuals who are experiencing stress, trauma, or grief? Your ability to navigate sensitive situations while embracing diverse perspectives is crucial.

3. Intrinsic Desire to Serve: Are you enthusiastic about giving back to your community? We’re seeking individuals motivated by a genuine commitment to making a positive impact.

4. Informed Perspective: Do you understand the “plandemic” and the potential harm caused by the spike protein through Covid19 vaccination? Your informed worldview will contribute to informed conversations and support those seeking healing.

5. Organizational Skills: Can you set up and manage information tables, handle equipment, and occasionally run errands for printing? Your attention to detail and organizational abilities will help create a smooth and efficient outreach process.

6. Positive and Open Personality: Are you friendly, outgoing, and approachable? Your positive demeanor will create a welcoming environment, and your willingness to provide emotional support, including healing hugs, can make a real difference.

7. Optional Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Training: While not mandatory, having NVC skills can enhance your ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

If you’re ready to make a meaningful impact and helping at an Outreach Table in Nelson, or interested in initiating one in your area,  please get in touch with Carleen at Community Outreach or send an email. Your dedication can help us to build a compassionate oasis for healing and support.

Going strong in Nelson and Motueka since 2021.