Hi Friends!

Hi, I’m Carleen. Let me update you on VISn (Vaccine-Impacted Support network) and our dynamic Community Outreach efforts. 

In 2021, a dedicated group of volunteers from various professions and social circles initiated VISn. Armed with an understanding of mRNA injection science, we aimed to extend proactive assistance to cushion the potential adverse effects on physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

We provide:

  • Peer-to-peer and Individual Counselling
  • Health Resources/Information for Local and International Groups
  • Health and Well-being Workshops
  • Community Outreach Tables

For more than two years, fellow volunteers and I have been actively engaged in Community Outreach, establishing a caring and supportive “oasis” where empathetic individuals offer listening ears, information, resources, and heartfelt support.

You can find us on Trafalgar St, entering the Nelson Saturday Market by Bank Lane from 8:30 AM to 1 PM and at Motueka Deck’s Reserve outside Sun Market from 9 AM to 12 PM.

We want to know: “Did you or someone you know experience these symptoms after being injected? Don’t be fobbed off !” Symptoms can range from minor things like rashes to serious ones like sudden death. People are paying attention and responding to this information. 

Additionally, we offer evidence of harm caused by vaccines through signs from the NZ Health Forum. These signs feature images and stories of injured New Zealanders, confirming these concerns.

The word is spreading about VISn, the Vaccine-Impacted Support network, offering understanding and assistance. Through dynamic Community Outreach, we provide a haven for sharing experiences, fostering new friendships, and delivering vital resources. Whether seeking a compassionate ear, information on health concerns, or well-being workshops, VISn empowers and uplifts. It’s a community dedicated to positively impacting lives affected by vaccine-related challenges.

Many seek understanding and comfort, including those who have faced injuries courageously and those who have chosen not to receive vaccinations. Challenges are faced, sharing stories of sick loved ones and the frustration of unheeded concerns. Amid these emotional stories, a spark of hope emerges. Each day, they unite in compassion, fostering positive transformations and recognizing the lasting impact of this tragedy.

Awareness is crucial in seeking help and support. VISn tables in public spaces are pivotal; we’re making a difference. One young man attested that we potentially saved his life, as he was dismissed from the emergency room for heart issues but found guidance at our Nelson Community Outreach table.

Many are eager to support VISn. Here are a few ideas:

  • Share our Brochures.
  • Become a Linked Health Provider
  • Help Set up and Manage a Community Outreach Table
  • Provide Monetary Donations: 03-1354-06339-26-00 (priority is more Outreach Tables)

Are you compassionate and outgoing? Join us and make a difference by setting up a Community Outreach table in your area. Creating a hub of loving support for your community is truly rewarding. Contact us at visn2021@protonmail.com, attention: Carleen.