The Code of Conduct for VISn is a set of principles, standards and guidance, which forms the core of our vision and values.

The Principle of Welcoming

  • We are inclusive and welcome all people.
  • We will listen openly with no judgement.
  • We value individual views and preferences.
  • We offer a safe and supportive environment.

The Principle of Respect and Compassion

  • We respect the culture, rights and beliefs you hold.
  • We respect and celebrate uniqueness.
  • We recognise, honour and meet people where they are.
  • We provide a culturally safe place to network.
  • We promote active listening in all our communication.
  • We value and appreciate that we are all learners and teachers.

The Principle of Honesty and Trust

  • We behave in a legal and ethical manner based on integrity, transparency, and fairness.
  • We establish safe, trusting, collaborative relationships with all team members and those who seek our service.
  • We value confidentiality for all.

The Principle of Being Professional

  • We behave professionally, respectfully and responsibly.
  • We reflect on and adapt the service we provide.
  • We work collaboratively as a team with respectful, inclusive and non-judgmental language.
  • VISn volunteers will remain neutral and not share their personal world views.
  • We refrain from any act of harassment or bullying.
  • We will not disclose information you share without your consent.

The Principle of Autonomy and Empowerment

  • We encourage free will and the right to informed choice.
  • We support individuals in their choices.
  • We help each other to gain self-governance.
  • We recognise the quality, ability and strength each person brings.

We reserve the right to ask anyone with behaviour that does not represent the VISn Code of Conduct to leave. We have health and safety plans in place to manage any potential issues.

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