Who We Are

We are a group of Nelson-based holistic health practitioners and counsellors who share a vision to provide a community network of support for those whose lives have been vaccine impacted.


Our aim is to provide resources and support for those who are Covid vaccine-impacted. We offer a safe space where people can be heard, valued and respected.


Our vision is to bring people together who share similar experiences and challenges due to being Covid vaccine impacted. We offer practical, helpful, supportive guidance, and resources via our network of holistic health practitioners and counsellors.


VISn offers healing pathways to help people recover and reclaim their lives.

We Are Here For You

Community Feedback

What People in Our Community Are Saying About VISn Services
Testimonial 1

Laura - 37

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for helping me heal from my reaction to the p*zer vaccine.

Before I came to see you I had been totally exhausted, foggy headed and in a state of fight or flight for about 3 months.

Testimonial 2


My therapist is a beautiful, loving, caring soul, who brings great sensitivity and awareness to her sessions.

The session shifted focus a few times to suit my needs. By the end of the session I was able to let go and felt fully accepted and safe


Frequency Healing

Janne: My Qube experience

I am 77 years old, a trained Naturopath, Spiritual healer, a member of ASHA (Aunt), trained Counsellor and have a Diploma in Astrology with the FAA, medical too. (Now retired).

I am recommending this system to everyone I can who is receptive. It’s very interesting how some will trust it and some not, but if someone wants to heal they will try everything as they have nothing to lose.

Click here to read more about Janne's experience and click here to learn more about Frequency Healing


Outreach Feedback

Carleen - thank you for being so visible on the street in Nelson.

Hayden, my son a builder had a serious reaction to the Covid 19 Vaccine – Pericarditis. Eleven Ambulance rushes to hospital. Appointments; Doctors, Cardiologists, Pulmonologists. It’s been a long road for him and still not fully recovered.

You and your VISn team with your stall of information give credence to people’s experiences, you hold us up to the light, lift our experiences out of the gloom of being gaslight into sunshine and truth.

Thank you.
Anne (click here to read more)