Community outreach in Nelson

Carleen – thank you for being so visible on the street in Nelson.

Hayden, my son a builder had a serious reaction to the Covid 19 Vaccine – Pericarditis. Eleven Ambulance rushes to hospital. Appointments; Doctors, Cardiologists, Pulmonologists. It’s been a long road for him and still not fully recovered.

Like others in this situation Hayden questioned his own ability to reason when he tried to explain the cause to health professionals. Even though his very first episode was noted as Vaccine injury on his hospital notes. But even so from then on, Dr. after Dr. made him feel “gas lit.” It means one person makes another feel that their experiences aren’t real. They imply that you are unstable or being irrational. That experience at the hands of people who are meant to help was as debilitating as the physical pain.  

But You! There you are! Wholly visible! Hearinghelping, healing.

You and your VISn team with your stall of information give credence to people’s experiences, you hold us up to the light, lift our experiences out of the gloom of being gaslight into sunshine and truth. 

Thank you.