My Qube Experience


I am 77 years old, a trained Naturopath, Spiritual healer, a member of ASHA (Aunt), trained Counsellor and have a Diploma in Astrology with the FAA, medical too. (Now retired)

My health issues have included an Auto immune disorder since around age 16 that I didn’t know about until much later, and had never got any answers for through orthodox meds.

Since I studied Naturopathy in my 30s I have found natural cures for many health issues. The same with lower back pain from an accident in my teens resulting much later in a nerve dying in my lower spine causing a thigh to go painfully numb over a very short time, like a fire in my upper thigh moving upwards.

Degeneration in those lower vertebrae continued over the years with much sciatic pain which I found one yoga posture in particular helped a lot. I had the same degeneration happen in my upper spine causing pain and stiffness in my neck, also something I work with , exercises, self-massage.  I have thumb joint tendinitis, very painful at times which I massage with castor oil for best results.

I have had IBS and Diverticulus (not diverticulitis) for a long time now, two pockets in the diverticular which brings pain and much discomfort, if I have wheat or some spices. Coeliac runs in my family largely unknown about until recently.

I had also had a slight lung issue and scarring from Bornholm’s disease in the 1980’s called “devils grip” which over the years has caused breathlessness when walking up hills.

AND more recently tinnitus developed in my left ear from extreme cold. My immune system has remained healthy throughout the last few years naturally.

I have now attended 5 sessions of Andrea’s Qube sessions.  In the first one I had about an 1 ¼ hour session, the first part guided and to me it felt like an intelligent force allowing me to work with it and guide it, as I had a strong intention to heal my problem areas I was concerned about especially my lower back which had got painful again in recent weeks and I had suffered numbness in my whole left leg from the same.

I directed the Qube energy into my inner ear, eyes , brain, cranium  and especially upper neck area where so much tension is held or had been during the utmost stress of my life with many deaths and illness over the last three years of Covid and all that came with it.

More recently there was a  diagnosis of a life threatening disease in my immediate family throwing us into shock triggering old PTSD from past traumas most of us. I worked on my lungs also while in the guided part of the session. I directed the energy to my other main areas after the scan and during it – my lower colon, also directed it to my lower back where most pain has been in the last months.

I felt very relaxed, even happy during the first session but a little woozy and nauseous when I stood so got out to the fresh air quickly. This only happened in the first session but to me was a sign it had worked.

The next morning I noticed most of my pain had gone from the lower back which had been quite crippling at times recently. I have not had any severe pain since I had that first session and have felt the ongoing work happening ever since between the other sessions.

There is sometimes a background pressure or sensation of pain like a “memory” of it almost that lingers but something like that couldn’t be cured overnight but in this case it almost was.

My neck was the same almost immediately. It’s freed up so I can move my head all directions without flinching and the neuralgia that has developed from the tenseness in my neck has gone too. My neck still creaks when I move my head but it’s all flexible now. Plus the twitching in my left eye from stress has gone. My emotional angst is much less on waking.

In one session, I  began working on deeper areas , using affirmations too as I do so. In one session I saw my diverticula healing and becoming smooth and pink without dark inflammation as the wall of my Sigmund colon healed and the pockets evening out. There has been marked improvement in elimination areas re IBS as well. I worked on my emotional, stress issues too and there is noticeable improvement in my moods on waking now.

As I sit here writing this the sound in my left inner ear is nowhere near as loud for the first time in about 7-8 years. and I won’t say “but”, however there are times of the day when it can  get quite loud so this is the first time I have noticed it being much less  after my 5th session of one hour.

I’m noticing I have even more energy walking up hills, something I had been using breathing sessions for, for many years with some success. And now I can breathe fully without any reactions in the depths of my lungs. I feel less tired so my natural vitality is returning after quite a few years on all levels of being.

I am recommending this system to everyone I can who is receptive. It’s very interesting how some will trust it and some not, but if someone wants to heal they will try everything as they have nothing to lose.

After watching the original video with Dr Sandra Rose Michaels there is every reason to at least give this a try.

I am very happy with the results so far. It’s quite miraculous for me!

Janne (77)