My name is Carleen Reich-Simko and I am the initiator and manager of the VISn OutReach team. I would like to share a bit about VISn and explain about our need to get a couple more people on board to help with our Nelson OutReach Table.

We are a volunteer group of health practitioners and health advocates supporting people who have been impacted in some way by the M-RNA injection and or the mandates. Our aim is to bring impacted people and practitioners together, provide support and connections, and offer a safe place to be heard, valued and respected.

We feel passionate about turning a terrible situation into something productive and
helpful, so we formed this group in Sept 2021 and launched our website on July 22. Our core group consists of people mandated out of careers and social circles. We have a strategic educator, an RN/lecturer, a midwife, counsellors, various health practitioners
and an artist/educator. All walks of life.

VISn has four Strands:
1) Community OutReach Education/Networking Table – Nelson based at Bank Lane which enters into the Saturday Market and Motueka on Sunday outside the downtown Food/Art Market
2) Free Group Counselling /Individual Counselling
3) Health and Wellbeing Workshops – Starting in May in Nelson
4) Resources – Local and International – We have linked and vetted local Nelson and Motueka Health Providers of various modalities and links to NZDSOS, The Health Forum NZ, VFF, Jab Injuries Global, World Council for Health, FLCCC Alliance and Medsafe CARM for reporting injuries.

The main needs I and my team see from personal experience of over two years of interacting with the community and sharing information about covid, the mandates, and injections, are that people are starved for compassion and in need of a good listening ear and HUGS! People need to be heard and seen in person to help feel validated and not alone! I am happy to say that we have created an oasis of support in Nelson and Motueka that is not only for those injured and ready to start a healing journey but a place where liked minds and hearts can meet, have a chat and be held in a space of compassion, safety and understanding.
Our mission statement rings so true, TIME TO HEAL, TIME TO BE HEARD

Role Advertisement for volunteers for Nelson OutReach team

I am needing a couple of volunteers in Nelson for outreach who are heart-centered, have awesome communication skills and are committed to helping those less fortunate. We set up most Saturday mornings (weather permitting ) from 7:30am – 1:00pm.

Skills/Personality Needed for Community OutReach

* Public Speaking Ability to engage with the public with communication skills that support a clear, present and compassionate interaction with others
*Experience in Activism/ Health Advocacy/Education with the ability to be calm in dealing with others who are under stress from trauma, shock, and grief, and who may have different viewpoints
*Intrinsically Driven to want to serve the community
*Informed World View of the plandemic and general knowledge of the harm the spike protein is causing
*Be able to set up/take down information table and equipment in Nelson and do occasional printing errands and add ideas and additional content for the continuing evolution of needs toward healing and enriching the table content
* Have a personality that is upbeat and outgoing and gets along well with others
* NVC training is helpful but not required

If you would like to get involved in this way or you are interested in starting a VISn OutReach Table in your area, please contact Carleen at

In Appreciation With Warm Regards,
Visn Community OutReach – Nelson

Donations Welcomed! # 03-1354-0633926-00

Find Our Dedicated VISn Outreach Team @Nelson Saturday Market Market, Bank Lane

Find Our Dedicated Outreach Team @Motueka Sunday Market, Decks Reserve.

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